Summer Camp

Bronte College first offered a Summer Camp (Language Study & Tour Program) in 1996. The success of the camp has grown with each year and has attracted young people from all over the world. Bronte College offers two types of camps for students who would like to either improve their English through the Fun ESL Summer Camp or to those who would like academic enrichment with the Fun Math and Science Summer Camp.


The program is designed to provide constant supervision in a caring environment. Each class will have approximately 3 hours of instruction. All camps include classroom instruction, accommodation, nutritious meals, health insurance, daily activities, trips and weekend excursions. Participants will experience Canadian culture through exciting trips and activities, including major attractions and a wilderness experience. Children who attend our camps will return home with lasting memories and new friends from Canada and other countries.



The Fun ESL Summer Camp focuses on communicative activities. The program aims to help students learn to understand North American English through watching and discussing TV shows, the news and movies, reading and talking about current events, practicing different forms of writing and classroom debates. The program allows participants to learn English through formal in-class teaching as well as from applied activities in science, arts and through excursions.


This camp caters to students who have an interest in math and science. The program is directed by our science faculty, who design activities that are both engaging and interesting, piquing students’ cravings for deeper knowledge. Participants will hone their skills in math and science through formal in-class teaching and experiments.


The sessions for this year’s summer camps are:



1. July 7 to July 20 (participants should arrive July 6 and leave July 20)


1. July 7 to July 27 (participants should arrive July 6 and leave July 27)

2. July 14 to August 3 (participants should arrive on July 13 and leave on August 3)

3. July 21 to August 10 (participants should arrive July 20 and leave August 10).


1. July 7 to August 3 (participants should arrive July 6 and leave August 3)

2. July 14 to August 10 (participants should arrive July 13 and leave August 10)

3. July 21 to August 17 (participants should arrive July 20 and leave August 17)


Please note Bronte College reserves the rights to cancel a camp in the case there is insufficient enrollment.