Junior Campus

The Bronte College Junior campus offers the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) for students in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5, and is a candidate school for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students in Grades 6 to 8. Together, both programmes formalize what early education should be and sets the foundation for a lifetime of learning and embracing the global community.
  • Kindergarten: Focuses on the creation of an active learning environment, and is designed to develop both the social and cognitive skills of the child in a balanced environment in preparation for grade school. Click here more information.
  • Grades 1-5: Designed to develop higher level thinking skills through a transdisciplinary approach to learning. Students are challenged through the IB Primary Years Programme up to grade 5, which encourages international-mindedness, a positive attitude to learning, and reflects real life. Click here more information.
  • Grades 6-8: Recognize the transition students are making as they make their way through adolescence and continue to learn about the ever-changing world around them. Understanding that these are incredibly formative years in terms of a child’s personal, social, physical, and intellectual development, the IB Middle Years Programme encourages students to become critical and reflective thinkers. Click here more information.