Senior Kindergarten – Grade 4

The uniform of Bronte College (consisting of a grey-coloured tunic, grey-coloured pants, grey-coloured skort, grey-coloured shorts, a plain white collared long sleeve and short sleeve shirt, a navy polo shirt, a Bronte College tie, a navy cardigan, a navy V-neck sweater and vest) will help to reinforce our students’ identity in the community. In Grades 1 to 8, a Bronte College blazer is also a part of the uniform. This helps to unify the student body, instill pride in our school, lessen the financial burden on parents, and help to ensure that our students are recognized for their character and accomplishments. Also, black socks and black closed-toe shoes are part of the uniform.


All uniform items must be purchased through Bronte College, with the exception of socks/hosiery, belts and shoes. This will ensure consistency in quality, colour and appearance.


All shoes must have a non-slip and non-marking sole, and no heels are allowed.


When and where must the uniform be worn?

  1. The uniform must be worn on campus during school hours, Monday to Friday, with the exception of “Casual Days”.
  2. Gym uniform (Bronte College T-shirt and shorts) must be worn during gym classes and extra-curricular activities.
  3. For all official Bronte College events, excursions and field trips, full dress uniform must be worn. Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the principal, and students and parents will be notified of alternate expectations. Students must always wear a second layer over their dress shirt. This includes a blazer, tunic, cardigan, sweater or vest with the following exceptions:
    • Between May 1st and September 30th, the Bronte College polo shirts may be worn without a second layer.
    • When a student is working in a science lab or similar environment, where the uniform may create a hazard, the supervising instructor will provide the appropriate alternative.


Uniform Maintenance

  1. Parents are responsible to clean and wash uniforms, ensuring students wear clean clothes daily.
  2. Parents must keep the uniform in good repair and must replace any torn, frayed, stained or damaged uniform items.
  3. Students who out-grow their uniform will be required to purchase uniform items in the appropriate size.
  4. No tailoring is permitted, which will change the style or appearance of any of the uniform items of clothing except for the hemming of pants.